5 Ways to Fuel Fat Loss

Nicki Jackson

So many choices, so many mixed reviews. What is the right way to succeed at shedding fat?

There isn’t just one way for everyone, there is only what is BEST for YOU.  It is difficult to find the proper balance of nutrition and exercise, but there are many tips and rules that are, in my opinion, universal at successful burning unwanted fat. Here are 5 solid tips to say goodbye to stubborn unwanted fat for good.

  1. Eat LESS, MORE often: Studies have proven, and I am also living proof that eating every 2.5-3.5 hours keeps your machine’s metabolism fired up all day. This strategy also helps eliminate wild cravings, balances your blood sugar levels, keeping your energy levels more consistent.
  2. Choose Quality Foods: Choosing quality food types, as well as timing certain foods are also important. EXAMPLE: A post workout meal, should always recharge glycogen stores with carbohydrates and protein. Eliminate any added fats in a post workout meal. Choose lean protein source, quality sources of carbohydrates, and healthy natural fats such as oils, nuts, and avocado.
  3. Hydrate: Our body is made up of about 60-70% water. In order to run as efficiently as possible the body needs to be restored with continuous quality fluids. Water helps allow proper nutrient delivery, acts as a natural appetite suppressant, filling the belly. Water also helps with kidneys function, to pass unwanted waste and toxins through the system more efficiently. When the body begins to shed fat it’s hormonal signals are alerted to hold fat stores, and when you begin to lean down the body begins to cool down, your hands and or body often get cold. Drinking adequate amounts of water will help counter this effect.
  4. Food Choices: Choose PROTEIN: If lean and tight is what you’re after, then be sure you eat a sizable amount of quality protein to build the muscle you desire. Your muscles are made up of 20-30% protein the rest is water. Supplements can play a vital role in your fat loss plan. The body takes a pretty good beating from the busy, stressful lifestyle, plus training. It really does need extra nutrient support, because the majority of diets, even when exceptionally healthy, will not fully supply what the body needs. Protein powders are a strategic way to include necessary protein in a short amount of time. Here is a fantastic cutting stack from Prolab.

PROLAB Ultimate Stripped Stack

  1. Eliminate The Junk: If you want a lean and fit physique, you must cut the junk. Say goodbye to junk food most of the time. Not never, just much less. Supply your body with quality micronutrients (fruits and veggies) and use them as your options instead of cheap refined sugars.

Too many refined sugars can cause a hormonal disruption and potentially increase the level of fat storage as well as decrease your body’s ability to shut off certain hormonal signals that tell the body when it is hungry and when it is full. Slowly removing as many “unnecessary” carbs from your normal meals will greatly assist in unwanted calories, and desired fat loss!

Nicki Jackson | www.facebook.com/jaxpersonaltraining

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